Big Announcement

I'm taking a big step and I want you to take it with me!

It has been an immensely rewarding experience to have Axum Culture received and supported so fervently in the Historic West End. Truth be told, business is very risky and nothing is guaranteed so I don't take community support for granted. I never could of imagined the overwhelming support that I have witnessed with my own eyes and the embraces I get from customers regularly. Axum Culture is truly a testament to Black supporting Black. So many thanks to you again.

So what is all this about, you ask? Well opportunity has presented itself, so I say.. it is next level time...
Below (see tiny me in the back :), I am stepping out again and I am asking you to leap with me...

My Big Announcement

In not so many've been asking for this for a number of years and I have been listening. What the West End has been missing for many years, in a very small way, I have been servicing by offering herbs, tonics and supplements. I have also noticed the heightened awareness for sustainability and agriculture in Atlanta in a way that I have not seen in other cities in which I have resided. That is SUPER serious & refreshing to have that concentration of consciousness and ACTION in taking control of a basic need in our community and human existence...FOOD! The growing of food and the distribution of it is absolutely paramount and it should be placed squarely in our hands. Don't you agree?

So to the point... it seemed apparent that a healthy juice and food market was in order and lo and behold...a spot I had been watching for 8 years pops a for rent sign in the window. I thought to myself....THIS IS IT! In the Heart of the West End should be a market to give an outlet for black farmers and black producers, offer organic and locally grown produce and eco-friendly body care and household products, while truly servicing the needs of the black community.

I would like you to take every step of this journey with me to create this space for us. Now... First things first...Before this can get going...We need a name! What would you like your Healthy Food Market to be named? Will you help with this? Should it be something with Axum in it or do you have some other enticing names that you could suggest?

I would really apprecilove your input...Click on the link below and let your creativity flow. If we choose your name you get a $100 gift certificate to Axum Culture AND $100 in groceries when the store opens its doors plus a special surprise!

My BIG news for those that may have scrolled to the

My BIG announcement is that I am opening a Healthy Juice & Food Market in the West End! Yippeee! And I need your input...Here is how to help

Click on the link below
Drop a name on my facebook page (please like us if you haven't) OR
Reply to this email with your suggestion
If your name is selected you win 2 $100 certificates (one to Axum Culture & the other to the new market)

Can't wait to see what you want your neighborhood market to be named đŸ™‚ Thanks in advance!